Data Privacy in Ireland

2018 saw one of the biggest changes to Irish data privacy laws as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced across Europe.

The GDPR deals with the huge increase in customer data that is now generated from social media and online activity. Whether you're subscribing to a newsletter, or investigating new investment opportunities for your business, these laws provide you with more transparency and stronger rights regarding personal data.

At HSBC we have always taken data privacy very seriously and we believe the introduction of the GDPR was really positive - giving individuals more control over how organisations use and manage their data.

What does this mean for you?

GDPR provides you with more transparency regarding your personal data. It strengthens your rights, giving you improved access to your data and the right to review and, in certain circumstances, edit or delete the information that organisations store about you.

As a corporate client of HSBC, we'll keep looking after your data as we always have. If you do want to know more about the data we hold and how we use it, all you need to do is read through our privacy policy.

What does this mean for HSBC?

GDPR hasn’t changed the way we use your personal information, and information about individuals connected to your business.

We'll continue to value the data you share with us, treating it with respect and keeping it secure at all times. Where appropriate, we'll continue to contact you about services that may benefit you, unless you've asked us not to.

So whilst the laws might have changed, our commitment to looking after your data stays the same.

Our Privacy Notices

We want to make it easy for you to find out how we collect, use and protect your information, and information about individuals connected to your business, so we've included links to our Privacy Notices below.

If you are a customer of HSBC Continental Europe, Ireland or you are connected to a client of this entity – please refer to our Privacy Notice.

If you are a Securities Services client of HSBC Securities Services (Ireland), or you are connected to a client of this entity – please refer to our Securities Services Privacy Notice.

If you are simply browsing our website, please refer to our Website Privacy Notice.

More information on GDPR

To find out more about GDPR, follow the links below to read the guidelines and information published by the Data Protection Commissioner:

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